We believe that our mission is best accomplished by providing assistance to Ugandan leaders. Rather than bringing in teachers and administrators from a different culture, we identify and train talented Ugandans who become respected and trusted community leaders.

We take the time to get to know our partner schools, carefully assessing their commitment to long term progress and requiring both financial and educational accountability from them.  Teachers benefit from continuing education that empowers them to address local issues; the community benefits from fewer abandoned orphans, healthier families, and resources for adults; donors benefit from the joy of seeing their contribution transform lives; and children grow up with consistent teaching in a safe, healthy environment where their dreams are nurtured. Rather than trying to meet arbitrary financial goals, our focus is on people and projects.

Each person visiting Uganda as part of Connect Abaana is a volunteer.  We pay or raise our own plane fares and support in traveling to Uganda.  We only provide support in Uganda if that support is specifically designed to help support our volunteers in country.  Each volunteer is expected to add value to our schools while on the trip.