Our Mission


Through our schools and local partnerships, ConnectAbaana opens doors for Uganda’s rural youth to grow into healthy, confident, educated, adults and break the cycle of poverty they were born into.

The Context

Every day in the Ugandan countryside, children are born without help from a trained health worker, never mind a doctor. A few lucky ones make it to school in this harsh environment where illiteracy is the norm, disease is rampant, and the costs of attendance are higher because all hands are needed on the farm. These are children whose fathers and mothers tend crops by hand and raise, on average, 6 children. When there is no money to pay for school supplies or enrollment fees, education may come to an abrupt halt. Sometimes, parents are faced with the difficult choice of singling one child out for education; traditionally, the eldest son is chosen. To make matters worse for rural citizens, the nearest government-run schools tend to be miles away from their villages. Even though the children could walk there, they would be too tired and hungry to study, defeating the purpose of their long trek.

Bridging the Gap

Our purpose is to provide opportunity to these children through transferable skills that will enable them to become self-reliant, prosperous adults. ConnectAbaana supports carefully selected schools and walks alongside the Ugandan teachers and professionals who are running the show. The context-appropriate curricula in ConnectAbaana schools prepares village children to be better farmers, or to enter other professions Uganda desperately needs, such as teaching, medicine, or business. Although they were born into extreme deprivation, we believe in nurturing the abilities and talents of all children so that parental poverty, illiteracy, and other barriers do not determine their future.

Together, teachers and school staff identify goals and ideas for improving their schools. The U.S. steering committee stays in close communication to assist with program planning and advice as needed. Financial assistance is also given to supplement teachers' salaries, building projects, and tuition for orphans. ConnectAbaana's ultimate goal is to expand our network of schools to educate a generation who will be equipped to lead wherever they go and change their world for the better.

Our Ugandan leadership team, composed of teachers from all the ConnectAbaana schools, came up with this vision:

A society without illiteracy, united behind common causes that would empower the community with knowledge and skills which can bring about economic and social transformation for a better standard of living and sustainability.

Crossing the Bridge

ConnectAbaana also offers people like you the opportunity to have a direct impact by giving school supplies, scholarships, food, or even a classroom. As a volunteer, you can travel to Uganda on a ConnectAbaana trip and truly cross the bridge between "us" and "them." 

Finally, we invite you to consider an enduring relationship of support and mutual encouragement with a special child.