New giving opportunity!

To furnish our new building at Nsangwa Millennium School in Mpigi we need the following:  20 Desks at $28 each, 3 tables at $36 each and 12 chairs for the tables at $16 each.  Would you be able to help us provide any of those?


                                                                                                                                                July 25, 2016


Dr. Christopher Kigongo grew up in Mpigi, Uganda, less than 15 miles north of the Equator.  His father, a peasant farmer, could not pay for Christopher’s schooling but fortunately people stepped in to support him through Medical School. 

In 2001, Christopher founded Naama School which now has over 225 students.  This was the beginning of a new concept called Connect Abaana Network Schools (CANS) with 5 schools in diverse towns in Uganda who are currently working together to increase the resources and creative approaches in their individual schools..

In 2011, Christopher’s father donated land, with a beautiful view for a school in Mpigi.  He named it Nsangwa School.  It began with a basic wood structure (see in rear of picture below) and currently serves 215 students in 8 grades.  CANS’s branch in North Carolina (CANS-USA) provided funds to complete the first permanent building at Nsangwa in 2014.  Christopher’s father’s dream to provide his village with a high quality and stable community school took shape.                                                     

The current Head Master, Richard Serunkuuma, is extremely dedicated. He walked 8 miles each way to school.  CANS- USA bought him a bicycle to make the trek easier but still a challenge in the rainy season.  In the past two years, every Nsangwa student taking the grade 7 nationwide exam passed with a 1 or 2 level grade that guaranteed them a seat in a secondary school.  The testers didn’t believe the high scores were valid so they had the students retest in another location.  The results were the same!  Many people were greatly surprised that Mpigi children could score so high!

Recently God gave Christopher a desire to build a modest house at Nsangwa for Richard.  This would take an estimated 6 months and $8,000.  All other CANS schools have a head master’s house within 300 yards of their school.

How would this help?  The community would see a commitment to stability.  Richard would see CANS’s desire to retain him.  He would be an integral part of the community, living among, and networking with locals, and better understand community needs and challenges.  He also could provide additional security for Nsangwa.

Recently Christopher’s 91 year old father fell very ill and was in a coma.  Christopher’s liver research knowledge gained at Duke University Hospital helped him recover to the extent that he is now able to get out of bed with help.

Christopher will visit Uganda in September and would like to carry $8,000 with him for this special project.

Will you please consider supporting this cause? Not only would it be a tremendous contribution to the Headmaster and the school, but also give Christopher’s father the very best gift he could receive at this time in his life.

Oh yes, there is no electricity and no water available on site!  Thanks for your consideration to this heart felt request.


                                                                              William C. Wismer

                                                                              Chair, CANS USA Committee

You may donate online by using the Paypal button below. You will be amazed by what you can do to further education in Uganda!